Summary of Kuprin’s Lilac Bush

The story “Lilac Bush” by the famous Russian classic Alexander Kuprin was first published in the print edition “Life and Art” under the number 305 of October 17, 1894. Love and happiness became the artistic idea of ​​this work. For some, happiness lies in the material component or in freedom, for others – in scientific achievements in the professional field, in science or in creativity. Third happiness is known in love, prosperity and mutual understanding with family and friends.

It was this important topic that made the main in his work “The Bush of the Lilac” Kuprin. The summary tells that the main character of Vera and her husband Nikolay had a sense of happiness. The author describes his heroes with unusual warmth and tenderness. There is an impression that he admires their relationship.

“Lilac bush” (Kuprin): The summary of the work

Let us pass directly to the text of the work. Let us analyze the summary

of Kuprin’s story “Lilac Bush”: everything begins with the fact that the young and not very wealthy Russian officer Almazov Nikolai is studying at the General Staff Academy. All the current assignments he had already practically passed, and only one practical work remained, the most complicated, in the field of instrumental surveying. To pass the exam, Almazov needs to submit an exact drawing of the plan of the area for verification.

But this is not the most exciting, which can be told very brief content. Kuprin lilac bush makes fatal for Nikolai Evgrafovich. It was because of him that he failed the exam and after the lessons he returned very upset. As it turned out, the meticulous teacher-German rejected his drawing, because, in his opinion, an inattentive officer drew a bush on it, although he could not be at this place, at any rate the teacher himself.

An Ill-Fated Spot

Here is a somewhat incomprehensible incident describes in his work “The Bush of the Lilac” Kuprin. The summary continues interesting facts: it turns out, Almazov, in the evening getting ready for

the exam, accidentally put a green spot on the drawing plan, and then he decided to finish drawing green bushes on it. But the professor was a very pedantic person, and this fact caused him great doubts and indignations (soon even a serious dispute erupted). The academy teacher claimed that he knew this area very well and that there were no bushes there and never was. He was very angry and promised that the next day he would check to see if there was a bush on this site.

A terrible intrigue fills the “Lilac Bush” Kuprin. The brief content further warns that Almazov’s disclosure of fraud threatened with expulsion, because he had already entered the academy only from the third time, and in this great merit of his wife Verochka, who selflessly helped her husband, refused everything to herself, was his tutor, census-taker, draftsman, the reader, in general, created him all the conditions for studying at the academy.

Sly plan of Faith

Kuprin knew firsthand the complicated officer’s life. The “lilac bush” (summary) continues with the following events. So, the deduction of Nikolai Evgrafovich could mean a point throughout his military career. Returning home, he completely wilted, felt like a worthless and lost man. But Vera decided at all costs to help her husband and went to the cunning, which cost her a lot of money. She pawns her modest jewels at the pawnshop and for this money, which amounted to 23 rubles, buys a lilac bush and hires a gardener who immediately felt sympathy for the lovely lady.

Overnight in the indicated place appeared a magnificent bush of lilac. The wife of Almazov personally followed this and did not calm down until the lilac was planted, and so that it was not visible that she was planted recently.


The next day, Faith with great anticipation waited for her husband and even went out into the street to meet him. And then, from afar, she noticed him – he walked with a cheerful bouncing gait. In his mind, she immediately realized that the story with the bush ended safely, and now they should not be afraid of any revelations.

Nikolai managed to prove to the professor that the bush is still growing in the place where he did not expect to see him.

That’s how the lilac bush brought to the house that feeling of happiness and peace, which the heroes so dreamed of.

Lieutenant Almazov was impressed, and for a long time told his wife how an unusually surprised professor apologized to him, all the time referring to his old age, absent-mindedness and inattention. Verochka’s husband was as happy as ever in life, which means that she too was with him. Here on such a pleasant note graduated Kuprin “Lilac Bush”. The summary, of course, can not convey all this pleasant mood, so it is better to read this work completely.

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Summary of Kuprin’s Lilac Bush