Composition on the theme of lilacs

The first breath of a spring drop. From the roofs of houses, melt water slowly drips, the last snow, symbolizing the winter reign, disappears. Nature throws off a warm blanket of snow, covering it all the cold season. A wonderful time awakening the world around us.

Special joy is brought by the pierced snowdrops, which spread their delicate and sensual fragrance throughout the district. Kidneys on trees and lips began to fill with life and soon they opened, letting out delicate light green petals. They become a symbol of a new hope, a new present.

Soon the first migratory birds arrived and began to create nests for hatching their babies-chicks. Migratory birds have traveled a long and difficult journey to reach their native land, where they were once tiny chicks and for the first time inhaled the air of a waking nature. And now it’s their turn to extend their kind and give life to new crumbs.

Spring meadows are quickly covered with a variety of flowers, fields

are adorned with field plants, the forests explode with lush greenery. Clean and fresh air circulates now in the already awakened surroundings of the native land. Flowering fruit trees are especially colorful on a green background. They spray their rich aroma around themselves for tens of meters and attract not only admiring people, but also bees, who with special zeal collect pollen and pollinate flowers.

That’s it somewhere in this period comes the flowering time of my favorite spring plant – lilac. Lush inflorescences of lilac or white attract attention. They look like a bright flash from the blue. Lilac has an unusually pleasant aroma and extraordinary beauty. In childhood we were taught that if you find a flower with an unusual number of petals, then you can make a wish and it should come true. And now we always look through the inflorescence in search of special ones. Lilac is just a beautiful plant with extremely pleasant energy. It is her bloom that I wait for the whole spring. A bouquet of lilacs always pleases the eye. I like to hide in this bush and enjoy his unrestrained aroma, breathing in immediately, like in a dream, you go to soar in your dreams.

The perfect time is spring. It gives us, tired of the winter cold, the warmth of a new awakening of nature. It allows you to enjoy the blossoming of my favorite plant – lilac, which attracts with its colorful flowers.

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Composition on the theme of lilacs