Painting by Repin “Autumn Bouquet”

Ilya Efimovich Repin is a great Russian artist. He became famous for his genre paintings and portraits, full of severe drama. The more interesting to see his picture, filled with other emotions and feelings – love and cheerfulness. This is the “Autumn Bouquet”.

It would seem that this name should have a still life or landscape, but this is again a portrait – the artist depicted his eldest daughter Faith. The girl from the picture looks directly into the eyes of the viewer, and in her hands she has a bouquet of simple autumn flowers. This bouquet also gave the name to the picture.

From the very beginning, the painter wanted not only to depict his daughter, but also to express admiration for his youth, his cheerfulness. Vera in the picture for 20 years, it is clear that she poses with love and joy, respecting her father’s talent and trusting him. A girl in a light brown beret stands against the background of autumn hills and fields, so the neighborhood

of the “Zdravnev” estate looked like at that time, where Repin and his family had recently settled. Here he planned to write a portrait, which is now in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Boundless fields – just a background for a portrait, it animates the image. It was not a frozen portrait on the background of velvet curtains and heavy furniture, but a picture with a mood, a sense of spaciousness, will. The girl was walking in a good autumn afternoon, picked up a bouquet of flowers and froze for a second in front of the artist. He captured this moment.

The girl’s outfit is well thought out: it is expressive, but not bright and not mottled, it fully corresponds to the autumn motif of the picture. The white collar on the dark blouse beautifully shades the face. White with an elusive figure skirt almost merges with the autumn field to this pore become faded, lost brightness.

Autumnal bouquet is not located in the center of the picture, the heroine of the portrait keeps it a bit sloppy, dropping flowers head down. The artist took him to the left lower corner of the canvas and not even the whole portrait was fit. The main thing here is not a bouquet, but the girl herself is young, strong, aspiring. The painter looks at her with love and pride, as it is proper to look at his own daughter, but does not embellish her. She’s as good as she is. And in his eyes, it also embodies the whole young generation, before whom life only opens. Still no one knows what lies ahead. But everyone hopes for happiness.

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Painting by Repin “Autumn Bouquet”