Composition “February Azure”

In February, there are days when the air and everything around is filled with some kind of blue glow. Blue sky, blue snow – everything is painted in this amazingly beautiful color. It was this day that Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar, one of the most famous Russian landscape painters of the 20th century, portrayed in his painting “The February Lazur”. His landscapes amaze with its beauty, freshness and brightness of colors.

But such a combination of colors, as in the picture “February Azure”, perhaps, there is not on any of his canvases. The artist himself recalls that on one of the February days he admired the birches. Accidentally dropping the bag, IE Grabar bent down to pick it up. He looked at the sky from below and was delighted with his color. Igor Emmanuilovich immediately began to work, and two weeks later the picture was ready.

In her foreground is a beautiful birch tree. Its trunk is slightly curved, as if a birch is substituting its sides

for the tender sun. A little further from her, her friends settled down. Their branches glow with a bright white color in the sun’s rays. The artist managed to create a glowing white color in the painting. The branches of birches form a whimsical pattern, through which the azure sky is amazingly beautiful. In the height it seems so deep. Against the background of the azure sky, last year’s foliage, which has survived on the tops of birches, seems fiery gold.

Closer to the horizon, the sky is brightening. At the very ground it merges with the same azure, only a little paler than the sky, with snow. If it were not for the forest that is visible far away, on the horizon, then the sky and earth would merge into one, not separated by anything space. From the bright sunshine, the snow also shines with blue colors. Where the shadows of the trees lie, the snow seems dark blue. Its shades are in harmony with the blue of the sky, which on the horizon seems like a bright flash.

And so much in the picture of light that blinds the eyes, as if you are looking at a sparkling snow, shining brightly in the February morning, not on the picture.

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Composition “February Azure”