The Painting Kustodiev “Lilac”

The artist Kustodiev Boris Mikhailovich was very fond of simple sunny days. He tried to depict real life on his canvases. Showed how people work, rest, celebrate. Often among his works come across and moments from his life. The canvas “Lilac” is one of such simple and most beloved works.

We see a beautiful sunny day. The rays of the sun illuminate the wooden house in the background. He is very big and beautiful. Light logs give out the recent age of the building. Near the window of the house is a large lilac bush. It is very tall and thick. Entire buds of flowers are located at the very top, closer to the sun. From the window reveals an incredible view of all this beauty, plus everything else and a breathtaking smell fills the house.

But more than a lilac, a young woman is looking at her with a child in her arms. Apparently, this is the artist’s wife with her daughter. They went into the open gate and went somewhere for a walk. The day is very nice, and the whole family is assembled, why not stroll among the beauties of nature. Dressed lady in beautiful light dresses. His wife wears a long white dress with a closed neck and a full sleeve. And on the girl a magnificent dress in a blue strip. She is still very small, so the dress closes her legs.

For the author, his family was the greatest joy in life. This is evident because with what trepidation and love he portrayed them and everything connected with them. All the canvas shines with love, care and happiness. A wonderful artist and a wonderful painting.

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The Painting Kustodiev “Lilac”