The composition of the spring

Spring came, and the whole nature was transformed at once, trying to throw off its gloomy winter cover and get rid of the boring white captivity. Spring came, and everything around turned green and was painted with gentle shades of youth and renewal, the young foliage and the endless chirping of birds rustled.

The arrival of spring is a welcome phenomenon for the whole of nature, when, as if awakened from a long and lazy dream, the whole earth, startled, preys on itself and adorns itself with colorful and uniquely beautiful colors. These are cute and quivering snowdrops, proud and independent tulips, fragrant and tender lilacs, proud daffodils and shy daisies.

The arrival of spring in the city is also beautiful when the dirty drifts disappear, and the streams of dark water carry away their wretched remains, washing and refreshing the asphalt, along which the brisk cars sweep, as if enjoying speed and future travel.

Already, the drops drop noisily from the roofs of houses, and the washed shop windows promise another fashionable update. Soon the parks and gardens will be covered with gentle and timid greens and will be flooded with hundreds of people walking and enjoying the first warmth of the townspeople.

The arrival of spring is the first outing in nature, it’s a leisurely conversation in an open cafe and a hilarious knock on the ball until late into the night. All around wakes up, somewhere in a hurry, rushes and enjoys life.

Spring is an amazing, magnificent time, pleasing all from small to large and never ceasing to amaze.

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The composition of the spring