The Painting Konchalovsky “Lilac in the basket”

The richness of the world of painting in this work is revealed to us by Pyotr Konchalovsky. Painting “Lilacs in the basket” causes a mute delight, amazing with the violence and brightness of colors. Petro Petrovich devoted a lot of his paintings to lilacs. By the way, he was an excellent gardener and liked to grow flowers.

In this picture there is a lilac in a basket made of twigs, which stands on a table. Green bright petals say that the lilac is freshly cut. Little flowers of lilac, intertwined with their petals, gently bowed their heads. Visible and unblown, elegant buds. They will soon open, and the bouquet will become even bigger and more beautiful! So you want to find that flower, with five petals, to make the most secret wish! The very bouquet of lilacs is luxurious – white, lilac, blue and purple branches make up an excellent, colorful composition, giving us an indescribable feeling of joy. It is the feeling of happiness that permeates this picture!

Oh, how beautiful and beautiful is the lilac depicted on the canvas! Looking at it, we seem to feel a subtle, delicate, tender fragrance. It seems to be a thin thread from the picture. The sun’s rays fall on the petals and lilac flowers, and from this the bouquet looks festive and solemn.

Indeed, this picture fascinates us! I want so much to be outside the window, and I could bend over and touch the magical branches of the lilac, feeling all the spring freshness and an extraordinary attracting smell!

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The Painting Konchalovsky “Lilac in the basket”