“Sunny day” composition

The picture of Konstantin Yuon “Spring sunny day” raises the mood at first sight. So many bright colorful colors, so much light and sun, so many joyful emotions. This is a complex composition – an urban landscape and a genre picture with large groups of people. The author, with a slight elevation, perhaps from a steep hillock, looks at the provincial town, flooded with sunlight.

The main congestion of houses is in the lowland. But already in the foreground on the right we see part of a solid wooden house on a stone foundation. The house is very bright, red-brown, but even it does not outshine what is immediately evident – two dressed up girls who just left the house and looked back at the artist with coquetry. One has a pink skirt, the other has a red shawl, these young ladies obviously wanted to attract attention and show off.

Everywhere there is snow, the children dazzlingly roll on the sleds right along the street, which lies along a rather steep

slope. Snow is what the artist loved to write so much. This is the same white color that can be painted with any colors, which allows you to play with highlights, give transitions of light and shadow. In this picture of snow is very much, whole snowdrifts and for their recreation in the picture the artist took far from pure white paint.

All are dressed in the same way as it is supposed in the winter, on the heads of people have shawls and hats. The trees stand naked. Maybe the author was mistaken, calling the picture “spring day”? Maybe it’s a winter day? After all, in the winter, it happens, too, the sun shines brightly. But pay attention to the fact that it gives a special brightness and diversity to this painting, which turns the picture into a piece of an old patchwork quilt made of multi-colored pieces of matter. These roofs are multi-colored, eye-catching, they are especially impressive against the background of snow. It’s really spring, because if it was the winter, the roofs would be white, they would have snow on them. But he has already melted.

Of course, this spring is

early, just beginning, its first days. But the spring is obvious, noticeable, obvious. Pay attention, not all the children depicted in the picture are playing in the snow, some climbed on the fences, on the roof, basking in the spring sun. They feel the approach of spring and animals: bright red chickens cheerfully croak in the dark snow. A little lower, on the other side of the road, the dog plays with the child.

Look at the sky – it is a delightful azure-blue color and light white clouds only emphasize these azure and turquoise. Against such a background, the red church with a bell tower, which, although it is located in the depth of the picture, is of a central importance in composition, is especially elegant. As is known, the church in Russian cities and villages was built in such a way that it could be seen from everywhere. In this work, it symbolizes good, joy, happiness. The golden domes shine in the sun for everyone around.

Several birches in the picture beautifully complement the composition and help to reveal the idea of ​​the coming spring. Their bare branches do not hang down. The trees are tightly seated birds. Maybe it’s rooks flying in. And their arrival is another additional sign of spring. The whole picture is permeated with optimism, joyful lyrics, good-natured mood, freshness, it is clear that the artist shares the feelings of the heroes of his painting.

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“Sunny day” composition