Painting by Golovin “Still Life: Flowers in a Vase”

The famous artist Golovin Alexander Yakovlevich not only passionately loved to draw flowers, but also to grow them. They were his inspiration and muse. The author devoted many of his paintings to flowers. There are beautiful still-lifes in his arsenal, where flowers in expensive porcelain vases are surrounded by some other things. But there is also such a canvas as “Still Life: Flowers in a Vase”. Here all attention is paid to flowers.

The background is white curtains. The table is laid with the same tablecloth, and even the vase merges in this color scheme. Thanks to this choice of background, all attention is focused only on the brightness of the colors. They are standing in a vase in no one’s mess.

It seems that they were only cut off and not at all tried to beautifully pack, but simply put in a vase. But this does not spoil the appearance of the bouquet, on the contrary, it becomes even more beautiful, more tender and attractive. White, lilac, orange phloxes have a different length of stem and appear to the viewer in all their beauty. Among them, orange lilies pierce the lily’s petals, and behind add a bouquet of splendor and greenery, some other plants.

Because the bouquet has some asymmetry, it seems that it should not have been an art form, but perhaps this chaos so impressed the author that he could not restrain himself and transferred it all on canvas. In any case, the picture was magnificent and attractive.

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Painting by Golovin “Still Life: Flowers in a Vase”