Composition Yablonska “Morning”

Topic description: Morning. The girl, having recently woken up, does gymnastics. An easy and relaxed atmosphere, like the very nature of the nature of a simple sunny morning in an ordinary house. Artistic description of the picture Yablonska “Morning”.

Before us is the picture “Morning”, written by a wonderful master of painting – Tatiana Nilovna Yablonskaya. The name of the picture speaks for itself – on it the artist captured the early morning. With the first rays of the sun it penetrates through the haze of city fog into the room, illuminating everything with warmth and light. Long shadows from the rays fall on the parquet floor. The balcony doors are wide open, and the incoming clean air, barely touching the wall-woven flowers in the flowerpots, fills the whole room with freshness and morning coolness. It seems that we hear the barely audible, cheerful music of the awakening city.

In the center of the picture is a newly awakened girl,

who is doing exercises. She’s about ten years old. It is fragile, but at the same time smart, in good physical shape. We immediately feel sympathy for the main character. The bed is not yet tucked in, and neatly folded things rest on the back of the chair. But she, spreading her hands, like “wings”, towards the new day, is full of vivacity and optimism.

The interior of the room is decorated not only with flowers, but also with a decorative wall plate featuring birds. There is an impression that they chirp joyfully, meeting with the girl this spring morning!

In the foreground of the picture is a round table, covered with a beautiful blue tablecloth. On it there is a plate with bread and a clay painted jug, in which, undoubtedly, the girl is waiting for milk, filled with a caring mother.

Looking at this painting, we catch ourselves that we meet with the girl the morning, smiling warm and gentle sunbeams.

So, a new, wonderful day has come! Forward! To the joyful accomplishments!

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Composition Yablonska “Morning”