Composition “The Beginning of Spring”

Ended February with its cold piercing winds. The first month of spring began with rain: warm, shallow, long. As if nature itself decided to wash, wash off the stale gray snow, dust from houses and roads, trees and shrubs. After this rain all around was changed, the colors of the world around us began to appear brighter. The trunks of poplars from gray turned into dark green, on the lilac bushes buds swelled, ready to let out green leaves at the first warm rays of the sun. On the tubercles, where the sun warmed the earth, grass began to make its way. The world of nature around us began to revive.

The approach of spring is also noticeable in the behavior of animals and birds.

Cats conquer the territory, announcing the neighborhood with a cry. Rooks divided the old nests and made their repairs. The twitter of a friendly flock of sparrows is heard.

Since the beginning of spring, changes have also occurred in the human soul. In it joy, cheerfulness and new hopes triumph. Some extraordinary feeling of happiness fills her. And only then do you understand how you waited for this moment. Finally, the end of winter has come. And everyone feels that the most beautiful time has come – spring, with all its delights.

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Composition “The Beginning of Spring”