Biography of Yuri Antonov

Yury Mikhailovich Antonov is a composer, singer, People’s Artist of Russia.

Yury Antonov was born on February 19, 1945 in Tashkent. Father Yuri was a serviceman, so that the first three years after the birth of his son saw him occasionally, because he served in the commandant’s office of the GDR. Then in the biography of Jury Antonov there was a moving to Belarus where the family, at last, was reunited. After resettlement in the city of Molodechno, usual routine life began to flow. Yuri seriously took a great interest in music, went to study in music school. After graduating, he continued education, enrolling in a music school. Despite the quiet cultural life of a small city, Antonov tried to organize the orchestra himself in the City House of Culture. It was difficult – there were not enough instruments or notes.

After graduation from the school in the biography of Antonov, a direction was received for the teacher to work at the Minsk Music School. Not

planning to remain a teacher in the future, Antonov began working in the State Philharmonic of Belarus. After serving in the army, he again returned to the Philharmonic. And in 1967 he became the head of the first organized by him team – Victor Vuyachich.

Two years later Antonov was invited as a vocalist to the ensemble “Singing Guitars”. Several songs written and performed by Antonov in the Leningrad ensemble have gained immense popularity. A special hit, both among listeners and musicians, was the song “For me, no you are more beautiful.”

In1971 in the biography of Yuri Antonov began a new stage. He moved to Moscow, worked in the concert and concert “Roskoncert”, began to perform with the ensemble “Good fellows”. Then the compositions of “Why”, “Summer ends,” “Yesterday” and many others were written. Antonov’s first group in Moscow as part of the Music Hall was Magistral. At that time for Yuri Antonov in the biography begins all-Union tour. His records, released at the firm “Melody”, have a tremendous

success. Despite the high circulation, not all of his songs are allowed to exit.

Then Antonov records songs with the team “Araks”, “Airbus”. At the invitation of the Odessa film studio Antonov wrote a song for the film “Take care of women.” Then he continues to work on music for other movies. The next hit in Antonov’s biography is the song “The Roof of Your Home”, which was written for the musical “The Adventures of Grasshopper Kuzi”. The copies of his records beat all records, and at every concert more than 10 thousand spectators gather.

Then the singer and composer went to Finland at the invitation of “Polarvorks Musical” to record the album. Since that time, Antonov has been recording CDs in his own studio, working with many artists, both beginners and pop stars.

For the entire biography of Yuri Antonov, many titles and awards were received. Among them: People’s Artist of Chechen-Ingushetia, People’s Artist of Russia, Honored Art Worker, several “Ovation” awards and many others.

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Biography of Yuri Antonov