Biography of Igor Krutoy

Igor Yakovlevich Krutoy – composer, singer, People’s Artist of Russia, the owner of several radio stations, the TV channel Muz-TV.

Igor was born on July 29, 1945 in the town of Gayvoron, Kirovograd region. In the biography of Steep musical abilities were manifested in childhood. At the age of six he played the accordion. First he played on children’s holidays, and when he grew up – at the dance. I decided to continue my musical education, and for this I perfected my whole technique of piano playing for a year. In 1970 he entered the Kirovograd Muses College, which graduated in 1974. After that, he worked as a teacher, and then began to study at the musical and pedagogical institute of Nikolaev. But Igor Krutoy wanted to enter the conservatoire of Saratov, which he managed to do much later, in 1986.

During his studies in Mykolayiv he also worked in the Philharmonic Society, he played in restaurants. In 1979, in the biography of Igor Krutoy, a proposal

was made to move to the concert orchestra of Moscow. A year later, Cool already played in the ensemble “Blue Guitars”, and later in the ensemble Tolkunova.

As a composer Igor Krutoy received the first great popularity after the song “Madonna”, which Alexander Serov performed. Then for him, Cool wrote “You love me”, “How to be” and others.

Since 1989, in the biography of Igor Krutoy, producer activities are being conducted. He became the head, and then president of the concert production company “ARS”. The company is engaged in all the existing areas of show business, from the organization of concerts, ending with television programs. Some of the most famous music programs were produced by “ARS”. For example, “Song of the Year”, “Good Morning, Country”, “Morning Mail”.

In addition, Steep writes music for movies, instrumental music. In his entire biography, Igor Krutoy wrote more than 300 songs. Creative evenings are steep since 1994. As an outstanding composer and music figure, Krutoy received many awards, among them “Lenin Komsomol Prize”, “Honored Artist”. In 1996 he was awarded the title People’s Artist of Russia. He owns two radio stations, is one of the founders of the “New Wave”.

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Biography of Igor Krutoy