Biography of Irina Allegrova

Irina Aleksandrovna Allegrova is a pop singer, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Irina was born on January 20, 1952 in Rostov-on-Don. Irina’s father is an actor and director Alexander Allegrov. In 1961 the girl moved with her family to Baku, where she attended a musical school together with the general school. After the graduation from the music school in Irina Allegrova’s biography, the entrance to the school at the Baku Conservatoire took place. The first musical victory of the girl was received at the jazz festival, which was held in Baku.

After graduation in 1969 Allegrova in her biography went on tour together with Rashid Beibutov. And a year later she began to work in Orbelyan’s Orchestra. In 1971 she married, a year later she gave birth to Lala’s daughter, and six months later she got divorced.

After moving to Moscow in 1975, he gives music lessons, works in the Utesov Orchestra. Allegro also solo in the ensembles “Inspiration”,

“Young Voices”. Then in the biography of Allegrova two years are spent in fruitful work in the ensemble “Fakel”.

After acquaintance in 1985 with the composer Oskar Feltsman, Allegrova sang a song specially created for her, “Voice of the Child”. Then in the biography of singer Irina Allegrova there comes the stage of the tour together with the ensemble “Lights of Moscow”, in which she was a soloist. Great popularity comes to her after the formation of the group “Electroclub”. The group also included Igor Talkov. In 1987, the band released their first album, becoming the laureate of the contest “Golden Tuning fork”. In the same year, instead of Talkov, Viktor Saltykov came to the group, “Electroclub-2” was formed.

In 1990, the singer Allegrova began to perform solo in her biography. Her tour was extremely successful. Irina receives the title of the best singer, and retains the title for another 4 years. In 1992 she released her first solo album – “My Wanderer”. Irina participates in the “Song

of the Year”, “Slavonic Bazaar”, “Morning Mail”, and in 1994 released the album “Narrowed Mine”. Then there was a disk “Hijacker”, a new program “Empress” was compiled. Working with Igor Krutym since 1996, Allegrova released a CD “I’ll smash the clouds with my hands”. After that, in the biography of Allegrova were recorded songs in the New York studio, the program “Table for Two” was released, which included the song “Baba-Bitch”. In 1999, the independent album “Theater” was released.

Then the albums “All over again”, “On the edge of love”, “Half-and-half”, “Happy birthday” are created. In 2002, Irina Allegrova in the biography receives the title of Honored Artist of Russia. Among her other prizes and awards: “Golden string” for the best duet with Shufutinsky, “Golden Gramophone”, “Best duet of the year” for duet with G. Leps, “Muse of the Tashir 2009 festival” and many others.

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Biography of Irina Allegrova