Biography of Lubov Uspenskaya

Lubov Zalmanovna Uspenskaya is a singer.

Love was born on February 24, 1954 in Kiev. The first years of her biography, Luba Uspenskaya was brought up by her grandmother, since her mother died during childbirth. Then she began to live with her father, it was he who instilled in the girl a love for music. The first musical education in the biography of Uspenskaya was received at home. At school, Uspenskaya sang in the orchestra. Later she began to study at a music school, continued her studies at Glier School. After graduating from college, she started working, moved to Yerevan.

When the father of Lyubov left his homeland, settling in America, Ouspensky also ventured to leave the country. In the biography of Lubov Uspenskaya there were two more moves – to Italy, and then to the USA.

The singer’s debut album was recorded in 1985. The songs of the first album brought Uspenskaya popularity not only in the US, but also in the USSR, despite the difficult relations of these countries. In 1992 she returned to Russia. Already in the homeland came out her most famous songs – “Cabriolet”, “Crooked Mirrors.” In 1994, the album “Do not forget” was recorded, in 1995 – “Concert at the Metropol”, in 1996 – “Carousel”, in 1997 – “I’m Lost,” in 1998 – “Best Songs”, in 2003 – “Bitter Chocolate “Love is married, has a daughter.

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Biography of Lubov Uspenskaya