Biography of Edita Piekhi

Edita Stanislavovna Pyekha is a singer, People’s Artist of the USSR.

Edita Piekha was born in France, in the town of Noyelles-sous-Lance in the family of a miner. In 1946, in the biography of Piekhi, a transfer to Poland took place. There she graduated from high school. The hobby for singing manifested itself in school years – Edita sang in the choir. The next step in education was the pedagogical Lyceum of Walbrzych.

After moving to Leningrad in 1955, Edita entered the university, at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Psychology. The debut performance with the song on New Year’s Eve in the biography of Edita Piekh became triumphal. After that, in 1956 she began performing together with the ensemble “Friendship”.

At the same time, the first record was recorded in the biography of Piekha. In 1957 in Moscow the singer became famous, having received a gold medal at the World Festival of Youth. Since 1957 she began to tour in many countries together with her ensemble.

In 1976, she founded the new ensemble under the leadership of G. Kleimits. During the entire biography of Edita Piech, a lot of CDs were recorded, she performed around the world – in more than 40 countries. In addition, Pieha has repeatedly been a member of the jury of many song festivals, starred in eight films. In 1988 she received the title of People’s Artist of the USSR. He has many awards, awards, titles.

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Biography of Edita Piekhi