Biography of Antonio Vivaldi

Biography of Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi is an Italian composer, conductor, teacher.

Born March 4, 1678 in Venice in the family violinist.

In the biography of Antonio Vivaldi, the first lessons in music were received from his father. After tonsuring at the monks at the age of fifteen, he became deacon after seven years, and three more later – a priest.

Beginning in 1703, Vivaldi gives violin lessons. And in 1706 for the first time in the biography of Vivaldi there is a public appearance. In parallel, the composer conducts the orchestra, directs concerts. In 1713 he became the manager of the Pieta Conservatory. In 1725, the composer’s cycle entitled “The Art of Harmony and Invention” was published. Vivaldi’s famous concerts “The Seasons” are also included in this cycle. For Vivaldi, the music of those years is filled with drama. The composer made a great contribution to the development of the ensemble orchestra concert. Vivaldi’s works for violin are virtuosic, only in the 20th century their full collection was published.

After leaving Venice in 1740, Antonio Vivaldi arrives in Vienna. Due to the political situation, Antonio Vivaldi’s life and work of those times were not very popular. Forgotten and sick, he died July 28, 1741. However, the work of Antonio Vivaldi “The Seasons”, a significant development of instrumental music, for a long time preserved the memory of the great composer.

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Biography of Antonio Vivaldi