Biography of Valentina Tolkunova

Valentina Tolkunova – singer, People’s Artist and Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Valentina was born on July 12, 1946 in the city of Armavir, Krasnodar Territory. The first education in the biography of Valentina Tolkunova was received at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. There she studied at the conductor choir department. She graduated from the University of Valentine in 1976. And before that, in 1971, Valentina Tolkunova in the biography managed to graduate from the Gnessin School.

During her studies at the University, Valentina was also a soloist in the choir. Then in the biography of the singer Tolkunova was mostly jazz music. The choir director Yuri Saulsky highly valued her talent and skill.

Popularity to Valentina came after she successfully performed at a concert in the House of Unions in 1972. After that, many people learned about the new star thanks to television and radio.

When in 1971 Tolkunova voiced songs for the film

“Day by Day,” a fruitful collaboration began with well-known composers at the time.

Tolkunova’s songs quickly fell in love with listeners. Hits became “Standing on a half-stop,” “Silver weddings,” “Nose-chinens,” “Song without end,” “I can not do otherwise.” Over the entire biography of singer Valentina Tolkunova was performed more than 300 songs for films and performances.

Tolkunova’s first album “Standing on a Half-Stop” was released in 1972. A year later the album “I want to go all the way to the bottom” appeared. Albums came out one after another: “Komsomol dedicates,” “Nose-kurnosiki,” “Dialogue with the New Year tree,” “If there was no war,” “Talking with a woman.” Then in Tolkunova’s biography albums “Serezha”, “Forty-five”, “I can not do otherwise”, “I’m rustic”, “Sleep-grass”, “My invented man” came out.

In 1973, the singer began to work in the

“Mosconcert”. Then, when on the basis of this association appeared the Creative Association “ART”, Tolkunova became its artistic director.

Being one of the best artists of the Soviet stage, Tolkunova was awarded with many awards. In 1979, she received the title of Honored Artist of Russia, and in 1987 – People’s Artist.

In the biography of Valentina Tolkunova, the family meant a lot. The singer was twice married. Her first husband was composer and conductor Yuri Saulsky, the second was a writer, journalist Yuri Paporov. Children in the biography of Valentina Tolkunova were only from the second marriage.

Her last concert, adored by millions of listeners, the singer gave in February 2010. After the concert in Mogilev, Tolkunova was hospitalized. Earlier she had a brain tumor. After discharge from the Mogilev hospital, Tolkunov was sent to the Botkin hospital. On March 22, Valentina fell into a coma. Malignant tumor, such a serious disease in the biography of Valentina Tolkunova, was not able to win. The outstanding singer died on March 22, the funeral took place on March 24, 2010.

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Biography of Valentina Tolkunova