Biography of Stas Mikhailov

Stanislav Vladimirovich Mikhailov is a singer, composer, poet.

Born Stas Mikhailov April 27, 1969 in Sochi. Stas’ father was a pilot, his brother chose the same profession. And in the biography of Stas Mikhailov, from the childhood, a tendency to creativity appeared. In his school years he already wrote poems and songs, participated in all sorts of competitions. And when I graduated from high school, I went to study at the Minsk Aviation School. But this profession, although it was a family tradition, was not the vocation of Stas. He quit his studies, went to serve in the army. After passing service, he entered the State Institute of Culture of Tambov. However, this institution also did not graduate. In 1992, Stas Mikhailov moved to Moscow in a biography. There he almost immediately began to work in the stage theater, his head was Boris Brunov. All this time, Mikhailov continued to write songs.

In 1997, Stas Mikhailov’s first album, “Candle”, was

released. The song with the same name became a real hit, quickly gained popularity. But the rest of the album’s songs were not noticed. The album was released in St. Petersburg, so soon Mikhailov became famous in this city, although he returned to his homeland – in Sochi.

The second album in Mikhailov’s biography came out in 2002, but also did not have a deafening success. Only after the third album “Calls for Love” Mikhailov became truly famous. The clips for some songs were shot, and Stas himself started active concert activity. The next album “To you I go” was released in 2005, and in 2006 the light saw the album “Dream Shores”.

Stas Mikhailov in the biography on the photo looks quite responsive to his image of the singer, who is not shy about expressing his opinion, civic position. Most of his songs are autobiographical – they describe the really experienced events.

In 2007, the albums “All for You”, “Heaven”, in 2008 – “Unexpected Love”, “Life-River”, in 2010 – “Live.” In 2009, Stas Mikhailov’s biography received two awards: “Artist of the Year” on the radio “Chanson”, as well as the “Golden Gramophone” prize.

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Biography of Stas Mikhailov