Biography of Schubert

Biography of Schubert

Franz Peter Schubert is an Austrian composer, the founder of Romanticism.

Schubert was born in a suburb of Vienna in a large family. Even in his childhood Schubert’s biography showed a great passion for music: he played the violin, piano from an early age. At age 11, he entered the court chapel, where he began to study theory, as well as playing other instruments.

The first works of Schubert were written in 1814. Song music of Schubert was a continuation of the style of Ludwig van Beethoven. The first popularity of the composer Schubert felt in 1816 after writing the ballad “The Forest Tsar”. Schubert’s further work further revealed his melodic talent. Particularly noted are the songs, symphonies of Schubert from the collections “The Beautiful Miller”, “The Winter Road”.

Schubert’s “Serenade” from the collection “Swan Song”, as well as songs “Shelter” and “By the Sea” have gained worldwide fame. Some works, for example, unfinished symphony of Schubert, a large symphony and others, are a continuation of Beethoven’s music.

The great composer wrote about 600 compositions. Schubert’s waltzes make up a large proportion of the 400 dances written for playing the piano in 4 hands. Despite this, almost the entire biography of Franz Schubert lacked funds.

Schubert died on November 19, 1828, at the age of 32 years from typhus.

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Biography of Schubert