Biography of Pavel Smeyan

Biography of Pavel Smeyan

Pavel Evgenievich Smeyan is a musician, singer, actor.

Pavel was born on April 23, 1957 in Moscow. His parents were filmmakers. So in the biography of Pavel Smeyan childhood passed on “Mosfilm”. He already then studied the shooting process from the inside.

But Pavel was more interested in music. At first he attended a music school for children. And then, when he grew up, he entered Gnesinka, where he studied at the variety department. After graduation, he began working in the Philharmonic, and managed to work in four areas: Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Amur, Kaliningrad. Then Pavel Smeyan in his biography began to work in the tour concert of ZAO Rosconcert. And only after that he permanently stopped at the Lenin Komsomol Theater.

Always taking a great interest in

music, since 1977 Smeyan first joined the music group. In the beginning – the group “Victoria”, and in 1980 he was one of the founders and participant of the “Rock Atelier”. Then his music sounded in cartoons. Discs “Rock Atelier” first came out in 1981, the record company was “Melody”. In the same year in the biography of Smeyan was played one of the most important in his entire life of theatrical roles – in the opera “Juno and Avos”.

After many years, Smeyan began working with the group “Apostle No. 1”, but it turned out to be short-lived. A year later Paul released the first solo CD. Subsequently, they recorded two more solo discs: “Pavel Smeyan” in 2001, “Actor and song, Pavel Smeyan” in 2003.

Pavel Smeyan’s biography is also known for his performance of songs for movies. For the first time his voice sounded in the cinema in 1979. Among the other songs that Smeyan performed for the movie – in the films “Mary Poppins, goodbye!”, “Train out of schedule”, “Trust that burst”, “Valentine and Valentine”, “New Romance.” Also Paul performed and wrote songs for computer games.

In popular television programs began to appear long ago. Among his

other theatrical roles: “Til”, “People and Birds”, “Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta”, “Giordano”, “Word and Deed”, “Warriors of the Spirit”, the last work – “White Snow Goes.”

In the spring of 2009, Pavel suffered a terrible diagnosis – cancer. He underwent a course of chemotherapy. Then in one of the German clinics in June 2009 he was given a costly operation. It seems that a talented musician and actor has become better. But after a short improvement, a sudden complication occurred. Pavel Smeyan died on July 10, 2009.

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Biography of Pavel Smeyan