Biography of Yuri Belonog

Belonog Yuri Grigorievich – Ukrainian athlete, athlete, world champion in shot put. Yuri was born on March 9, 1974 in the city of Belopolye, Sumy region. Physical data of the athlete: height 2 meters, weight 132 kg. Although he himself admits that the optimal weight for him is 140 kg.

Yuri Belonog began to play sports as a child. In the third grade of school began to attend athletics school. He was more professionally involved in athletics in 1987, at the age of 13. The coach who was the first to engage with Yuri and saw the talent of the young athlete was Vladimir Belikov. The first title in his biography Yuri Belonog earned in 1992, when he became the world champion among juniors. Three years later he married, Claudia Korsak became his wife. In 1997, Anna’s daughter was born to the athlete’s family, and three years later, in 2000, a son, Daniil, was born. In 2005 the family was replenished, the daughter of Sofia was born to Yuri. At the moment he lives in

Odessa. Yuri began earning his first money back in school, but now he wants to fully support the family.

Star sports way in the biography of Yuri Belonog began in 2002, when the athlete became the champion of Europe. Prior to this event, he took fifth place at the European Championships. Yuri himself claims that such famous athletes as Virastyuk, Klimenko, Bogach played a big role in his sports development. A zeal for better results always gives rise to a desire for self-improvement. The fact that now he has no competitors at the Ukrainian Championships, the athlete frankly frustrates. Yuri Belonog organizes and takes an active part in sports competitions for children, which are arranged by SC Biola.

Yuri Belonog is a well-deserved master of sports. At the World Championships in 2003, Yuri became a bronze medalist. Having won the gold medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004, he firmly secured the title of champion. The battle for the gold medal held at the ancient stadium in Olympia was not an easy one. Literally snatching the victory, Yuri demonstrated the best result in pushing the core in his biography: 21 meters 81 cm.

Concentration, persistent training, the desire for victory are important for sports career traits of Yuri Belonog.

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Biography of Yuri Belonog