Biography of Yuri Dolgoruky

Yuri Dolgoruky – Grand Duke of Kiev, the founder of Moscow, the son of Vladimir Monomakh.

The exact date of birth in the biography of Yuri Dolgorukov historians can not determine. It is believed that he was born in the interval from 1090 to 1097. At an early age, Yuri became a Rostov-Suzdal prince, he ruled in Suzdal for the rest of his life.

Nicknamed Dolgoruky was due to attempts to capture Pereyaslavl, Kiev. After the foundation of Moscow, Dolgoruky fortified the city with walls and a moat. In the biography of Prince Yuri Dolgorukov, several attempts were made to conquer Kiev. In 1147 he established himself in Kursk, and two years later he captured Kiev. But I could not reign there for long – Izyaslav won the city. After several unsuccessful battles Dolgoruky no longer attacked the southern lands, while Izyaslav was alive.

Biography Dolgoruky is also known for the establishment of several cities in addition to Moscow, as well as fortresses and cathedrals. In 1155, Yuri again attacked Kiev, ruled there until 1157. Mstislav Iziaslavich, Rostislav Mstislavich, Izyaslav Davydovich joined together to fight Yuri Dolgoruky. But the campaign was never resolved, since on May 15, 1157, the Grand Duke of Kiev died.

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Biography of Yuri Dolgoruky