Biography of Alexander Serov

Biography of Alexander Serov

Alexander Nikolayevich Serov is a singer, composer, arranger, Honored Artist of the RSFSR and People’s Artist of Russia.

Alexander was born on March 24, 1954 in a small village of Kovalevka, Mykolayiv region.

In the world of music, Alexander was already in school. Then in his biography Serov was a member of the school orchestra. Later, when the hobby for music became even more vivid, Alexander decided to learn how to play the piano independently, and then even graduated from the music school.

Higher education Alexander Serov in the biography received in the Krasnodar Institute of Culture. There he studied the specialty of the head of the orchestra.

Work on the specialty Serov began only in the late 1970s. Prior to this, from 1970 to 1973, he served in the

Navy. He was not a member of the ensemble “Singing Jungs”, where he was both a vocalist and instrumentalist.

Biography of the singer Serov became known to the general public when his first starry song appeared: “Cruise”. She was performed with Olga Zarubina, and soon after that the audience listened to the song “International conversation”, which was sung with Tatyana Antsiferova. Two years, from 1982 to 1984, Serov worked as the head of the ensemble “Cheremosh”.

The first album in the biography of Alexander Serov came out in 1984 and was called “The World of Lovers”. In 1987 was released the second album – “Madonna”. In 1990 the album “You Love Me” was released, in 1991 – “I’m crying”, in 1993 – “Suzanne”. All this time, from 1988 to 1993 he toured a lot, not only at home, but also in other countries.

The talented singer Alexander Serov in the biography was awarded with many awards, prizes and titles. So in 1991 he became Honored Artist of Russia. Throughout his life, Serov has received many “Grand Prix” at various competitions and festivals.

Serov’s famous album “Nostalgia for You” was released in 1997. Then in 2000 there were albums “Michelle”,

“New best”, in 2002 – “My goddess”. The title of People’s Artist of Russia was awarded to Serov in December 2004.

In 2004 the album “Infinite Love” was released, the first concert of which took place in the Kremlin Palace. The unreleased works during his entire career Serov released in the new album “Recognition” in 2008. Full biography of Alexander Serov is shown in the nine-hour program “Benefit A. Serov.”

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Biography of Alexander Serov