Biography of Peter Nalitch

Petr Andreevich Nalich is a singer, songwriter, representative of Russia at Eurovision 2010.

Peter was born in Moscow on April 30, 1981. Peter’s great-grandfather sang at the Belgrade Opera, so it’s likely that his own unique velvet tenor Peter received from him.

The first musical education Peter Nalich in biography received in the Moscow Music School. Then he studied at the music school. Peter is fluent in playing piano, accordion, acoustic guitar. He also studied at the Orpheus studio.

Higher education Nalich in biography received in the Moscow Architectural Institute. However, recently he does not work in the specialty.

For a long time, taking a great interest in music, Peter found his own style. It combines gypsy romances, Latin American music, as well as the influence of Russian bards. By 2007, a talented musician had written about 40 songs. But so far it has not been famous. Until the time when his video for the song “Guitar”

did not appear on the YouTube service. This event happened in the biography of Petr Nalic on April 27, 2007. Very quickly the clip became popular: thousands of people viewed it every day. By the end of the month the number of views was 70 thousand. Such interest in the performer, who also plays in an unusual style, led to the fact that several articles appeared about him in the mass media. Peter himself calls the genre of his music merry babushi.

The first concert in his biography Nalic performed on November 9, 2007. The concert with incredible success was held in the club “Apsha”. Some wishing to listen to his music could not even get inside: the club occupied absolutely all the seats. After a while, Peter picked up the musicians in the “Musical Team of Peter Nalich.” With a new group, he gave several concerts in Moscow clubs. Gradually the band became known throughout Russia. The collective toured the largest cities of the country, performances were held in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, and other cities. In 2008, the group with musical support visited the European Football

Championship, the Olympics.

In 2008, an important event occurred in the biography of Peter Nalitch. His band released the first album “Joy of simple melodies”, which soon became very popular. Next year the CDs “Concert in B1 Maximum” and “Maxi-single” More were released. “Another pleasant event for the band in 2009 was the performance at the international music festival” Sfinks “in Antwerp.

On March 7, 2010, the “Musical Team of Peter Nalich” was chosen as the representative of Russia at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

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Biography of Peter Nalitch