Biography Masha Rasputina

Biography Masha Rasputina

Masha Rasputina – Russian singer, was born May 13, 1965 in the village of Urop Kemerovo region.

Education Masha Rasputin received at the Tver Musical College, at the choir department. Then the singer moved to Moscow. Soon I recorded the first song “Play, musician”, which became a real hit. In 1989, the song received the Grand Prix at the festival “Pyongyang”, and soon Rasputin began to collaborate with the poet L. Derbenev.

In 1991, released the first in the biography of Rasputin’s album – “City mad”. He brought her great popularity. The following year the second album “I was born in Siberia” was released.

In 1994, the singer’s song “Blue Mondays” was released, with very diverse songs. Then in her biography of Rasputin Masha starred for the magazine “Penthouse”. In 1996 the album “I was on Venus” was released, in 1998 – “You do not wake me up”. Next year, the singer marries Viktor Zakharov, in 2000 they have a daughter Masha, after which the concert activity gradually fades. During Masha’s pregnancy, songs were written that were soon released in the album “Kiss me for all”. In 2001, a new album, “Live, Country!” Appears.

After the absence of speeches, the fame in the biography of Masha Rasputina comes back with the song “Rose Tea”. In 2008, she participated in the project “Two Stars” with Andrei Malakhov, toured the tour, released a collection of her best songs.

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Biography Masha Rasputina