Biography of Oleg Gazmanov

Oleg Mikhailovich Gazmanov is a Russian singer, Honored and People’s Artist of Russia.

Gazmanov was born on July 22, 1951 in a military family. He spent his childhood in Kaliningrad. After graduation, Gazmanov’s biography was followed by admission to the Higher Engineering and Marine College. After graduation, while serving as lieutenant, he served near Riga. Returning to his homeland, he began to work at the department of his school, then to study in graduate school.

But carried away by music, left science, began to study at the music school. Becoming a composer, received the first popularity on the stage in 1988. A year later in the biography of Oleg Gazmanov began solo performances.

His first album “Squadron” was extremely successful. Since then, 13 more albums have appeared: “Moryachka”, “Zagulyal”, “Tramp”, “Moscow Best Songs”, “The Squadron of My Crazy Songs…”, “Red Book”, “From Century to the Century. “,” First round – 50! “,” My clear days “,” Lord Officers – 10 years “,” Made in the USSR “,” Best songs “,” Seven feet under the keel. “

In 1995 he received the title of Honored Artist of Russia, and in 2002 – People’s Artist. Gazmanov’s recitals were always distinguished by well-staged scenes with choir, orchestra, ballet and show ballet.

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Biography of Oleg Gazmanov