Biography of Valeri Didiuli

Valery Didyulya – guitarist, composer, leader of the band “Didula”.

Valery was born on January 24, 1969 in the Belarusian city of Grodno. He started playing guitar when he was five years old, when his parents gave him the first guitar. Then Didyulya in his biography became a member of the vocal-instrumental ensemble “Scarlet Dawns”. When the ensemble ceased to exist, Valery began to play in the band “White Dew.” Traveling with this ensemble throughout Europe, Didyulya got acquainted with the traditional music of the Spaniards, which for a long time left a mark on his work.

A huge role in the formation of Didyuli as a well-known musical performer was played by the youth music contest on Belarusian television. After several rounds and having got to the gala concert, Didulia got acquainted with many directors, composers, editors.

The first album in the biography of Didyuli was released in 2000 – “Flamenco”. It was followed by CDs: “The Road to Baghdad”, “Satin Banks”, “Legend”, “Cave City Inkerman”, “Live In Moscow”, “Color Dreams”, “Grand Collection”, “Music of the Undiscounted Cinema”.

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Biography of Valeri Didiuli