Biography of Dmitry Kharatyan

Dmitry Vadimovich Kharatyan is an actor, Honored and People’s Artist of Russia.

Dmitry was born on January 21, 1960 in the Uzbek SSR, but a year later he moved to Moscow with his family. As a child, Kharatyan’s biography was filled with creativity: he practiced sports, music. The first time he appeared in the movies before the graduation, having received the role by accident.

Despite the fact that after the first picture Kharatyan became famous, he did not hurry to enter the theater school: he went on a geological expedition. In 1978 he began to study at the Shchepkin School, and after his graduation began to appear in films.

Until 1990, managed to star in 19 films. The 1990’s in the biography of Dmitry Kharatyan proved to be extremely fruitful. He starred in films of various genres, in 1991 received the title of best actor.

In 1995, Kharatyan founded the “Kino” club together with his friends. Also for his biography Kharatyan played in a rock opera, conducted a reality show, participated in the KVN as a member of the jury, voiced a cartoon, starred in serials. In 2008 he received the title of People’s Artist of Russia. Dmitry Kharatyan is married to Marina Maiko, has a son and daughter.

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Biography of Dmitry Kharatyan