Biography of Valery Kharlamov

Valery Borisovich Kharlamov – hockey player, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR.

Valery Kharlamov was born in Moscow on January 14, 1948 in the family of a worker. From childhood I was fond of sports: hockey and football. However, health in adolescence in the biography of Valery Kharlamov was not strong. Doctors ascertained rheumatism of heart, forbidding the boy to go in for sports. But contrary to the doctors’ instructions, at the age of 14 Valery joined the CSKA children’s hockey school.

Perfectly showing himself under the leadership of coach Boris Kulagin, Kharlamov was not accepted into the adult team of CSKA because of his physical data: Anatoly Tarasov was looking for strong, high hockey players. Becoming a player for the “Star”, scored 34 goals in a season, so he was taken to the main part of CSKA. He began to stand out among other players, when he played in the top three with Mikhailov and Petrov. Due to the speed of movement, quick

thinking, maneuverability, Kharlamov’s biography soon became known as one of the best hockey players of the USSR. And in 1969 he became the world champion for the first time with the team.

In 1972, in a professional match against the Canadian hockey players, Kharlamov’s team won with a score of 7: 3, and the athlete himself was the key figure of the match. Goal Kharlamov 1974 in Quebec for a long time went down in hockey history.

In 1976 in the biography of Kharlamov there was a terrible car accident. The athlete suffered serious injuries, but with incredible efforts he was able to get back on his feet, and even more – to return to hockey.

At the 1980 Olympics, the USSR team was only the second after the United States. And in 1981 Kharlamov decided to leave the sport, and not playing at the Cup of Canada. August 26, 1981 an outstanding hockey player again got into an accident. This time, when the “Volga” was led by his wife Irina, the car collided with a truck, Valeriy suffered fatal injuries.

In 2008 Kharlamov’s surname was named in the list of the best hockey players of the International Ice Hockey Federation. Also in 2008 came the film “Valery Kharlamov. Additional time.”

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Biography of Valery Kharlamov