Biography of Valery Goncharov

Goncharov Valery Vladimirovich – Kharkov gymnast, Olympic champion in the exercises on the uneven bars. He is a member of the Association of Athletes “Biola Club”, where he supports the creation and development of children’s sports movement. Physical data of the athlete: height 168 cm, weight – 58 kg.

Valery was born on September 19, 1977 in Kharkov. Valery Goncharov began to play sports in 6 years, the basis of sports mastery was received in the Dynamo school. He has two higher educations, – graduated from the Kharkov State Institute of Physical Culture, the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise. Valery’s favorite shell is a crossbeam and parallel bars. The athlete masterfully performs a complex program. It is famous for its bunch of two flights, which no one else in the world has repeated. A problematic place in a sports performance of a gymnast is often a jump from the crossbar. At this moment the athlete broke

or failed to land. So it was at the Olympics in Athens, a gymnastics tournament in Chiasso.

However, Valery Goncharov’s merits in gymnastics are very great. A huge achievement in the sports career and biography of Valery Goncharov is the deserved award of the title of Olympic champion in exercises on parallel bars.

The olympiad, in which Goncharov will take part, is the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Here the gymnast will show his standard program with new elements. Goncharov’s trainer is experienced gymnast Igor Korobchinsky.

Goncharov is twice a silver medalist. The first award was deserved in the team championship in Sydney at the Olympic Games in 2000. The second – in exercises on parallel bars in the European Championship in 2004. In addition, Valery Goncharov is the winner of the final of the World Cup-2004, where he earned the title in the exercises on the crossbar. The gymnast is a bronze medalist three times, twice because of the exercises on the crossbar. The athlete earned the third place at the European Championships in 2005 and at the World Championships in 2005. Also for the entire biography Valery Goncharov repeatedly became the champion of Ukraine, the winner of the Cups and international competitions.

A highly cultured and educated sportsman in the ordinary life is fond of reading books: documentary, psychological, historical, he devotes a lot of time to learning English.

Gymnast is a well-deserved master of sports of Ukraine. He was awarded with national orders “For Merit”.

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Biography of Valery Goncharov