Biography of Oleg Lisogor

Lisogor Oleg Vladimirovich – Ukrainian swimmer, master of sports of international class. Represents the sports society of the Armed Forces, has repeatedly become a prize-winner and world champion, the winner of the European Championship.

He was born on January 17, 1979 in the city of Brovary, Kiev region. He graduated from Kiev University of Physical Education and Sports. Height 192 centimeters, weight 90 kilograms.

In the biography of Oleg Lisogor, one can note that he has been doing sports since childhood. The swimming did not immediately become Oleg’s vocation. He began to train under the direction of Turchin. However, after six months I dropped out. Returned at the insistence of the coach. In 1996, in the tournament in France took third place. In 1999, at the European Championships in Istanbul, he won “silver”.

For the first time, Lisogor became the world champion in 2001. January 26, 2002 at the World Cup in Berlin, he set a world record at 50-meter distance, breaking it in 26.2 seconds. Later, Oleg sets a new world record – 26.17 seconds. In 2008, Oleg Lisogor again becomes the European champion at a distance of 50 meters, breaking it in 27.43 seconds.

Lisogor Oleg is the author of several more world records. In particular, at a distance of 100 m, he repeatedly reached a record time.

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Biography of Oleg Lisogor