My village

You can have a good time in the countryside. I really love my village. In the village I often go to the forest, to the river or the lake.

The best place in my village is the forest lake. It is here that you can relax, sunbathe, and swim. And he’s fishing here, it’s a pleasure. On the sandy shore you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake. The lake, like a magic mirror, hides in itself a lot of mysteries. About our lake legends. But especially it is beautiful in autumn.

In the summer near the lake you can draw great landscapes. You look at the lake, the surrounding world, feel the slight breeze of the wind, the pleasant sunbeams.

Particularly beautiful in my village on a summer evening, when the sun sets. The sun slowly descends, and bright colors blur across the sky. The sun sets and the stars begin to light up. Near the river there is a fog, it slowly starts to cover everything around.

Often people who live in the city do not notice all this splendor. And time passes. It is worth learning to stop and relax in nature. You do not need to hurry anywhere, but you just have to live.

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My village