Biography of Sergio Oliva

Sergio Oliva is a bodybuilder, winner of the “Mr. Olympia” competition of 1967-1969.

Sergio Oliva was born on July 4, 1941 in Cuba. In 12 years, along with his father began working on plantations of sugar cane. Taking up weight lifting, in the first six months of training in his biography Sergio Oliva was able to build up a significant muscle mass. In 1961, as part of the national team of Cuba, he went to Kingston, Jamaica, to participate in the Pan-American Games. Trying to escape from Cuba, Sergio finally found political asylum in the United States. Soon he settled in Miami, Florida. Trying to find any job, he began to repair TVs.

In 1963, he already lived in Chicago, Illinois. There, Sergio worked hard on himself. The first victory at the competitions in the biography of Sergio Oliva took place in the same year in 1963 on “Mr. Chicago”. The following year he won the “Mr. Illinois” competition. In 1965 at the competitions “Mr. America” ​​Sergio became the second. Then he joined the International Federation of Bodybuilding. In 1966 he was awarded prestigious titles – the winner of the competition Mr. World and Mr Universe. In the same year he became the fourth at the competitions “Mr. Olympia”. And in 1967 won his first victory at the “Mr. Olympia.” Achievement was repeated two more times – in 1968, 1969.

Then the first place was transferred to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Oliva became the second for two consecutive years. More than 25 years in his biography Sergio Oliva worked as an officer in the police. In 1985 he left the sport.

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Biography of Sergio Oliva