Biography of Leighton Hewitt

Leighton Hewitt is a tennis player, was born in Adelaide, Australia. The biography of Leighton Hewitt is best known as the biography of the winner of the 2001 US Championship.

Leighton took up professional tennis in 1998, immediately winning his first competition. His long blond hair, daring style reminded many young Andre Agassi. And Hewitt himself became a favorite among young fans.

He first spoke for the Australian Davis Cup in 1999, participated in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. Hewitt defeated Sampras in the 2001 US Championship finals, winning one of the Grand Slam competitions. The following year, in the biography of Leighton Hewitt, a win was won at Wimbledon in singles.

Additional information: Hewitt began courting the professional tennis player Kim Clijsters after their meeting at the 2000 Australian Championships. In December 2003, they formed a couple, but in 2004 they split up. Hewitt married the Australian star of the series Beck Cartwright in July 2005.

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Biography of Leighton Hewitt