Ronnie Coleman’s Biography

Ronnie Coleman is an American professional bodybuilder, eight-time winner of the “Mr. Olympia”.

Ronnie was born on May 13 in Bastrop, Louisiana. Since childhood, Ronnie Coleman’s biography has played an important role. Ronnie played basketball, football, baseball, and in 12 years, took up powerlifting. When he entered the State University of Grambling, he began to study the economy. But not long after working on his specialty, he entered a police school.

From that moment, hard training in the gym became the norm of his life. Despite the fact that the athletes inherited impressive forms from their parents, only hard training allowed to hone and further increase muscle mass.

The first victory of Coleman took place in 1990, then at the competition “Mr. Texas” he won. Already next year at the World Championships among amateurs took first place in the category of heavy weight. The first victory in the competition “Mr. Olympia” in the biography of Ronnie Coleman was held in 1998. Since then, he has won seven more times, becoming the second bodybuilder who won Olympia eight times from 1998 to 2005. In December 2007, Coleman married, raising two daughters.

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Ronnie Coleman’s Biography