Biography of Joe Louis

Joe Louis is an American boxer, was born in Lafayette, Alabama. In the biography of Joe Louis, when he was only 4 years old, the father of the family died. And in 1926 Joe took his stepfather along with his family to Detroit. It was there that Luis became interested in boxing.

At the age of eighteen, Louis began his amateur career in the ring. Already in 1934, the athlete won the title of the National Amateur Sports Union in the light heavyweight category. After this event, Louis took up professional boxing.

In a very short time the boxer with magnificent physical data, a light blow, impassive coolness paved the way from beginner to world champion. This title Lewis received in 1937 as a result of a fight with James Braddock, when he knocked out the opponent in the eighth round in Chicago.

Max Schmeling was the first athlete for the entire biography of Joe Louis, who defeated Joe in 1936. Then Louis was defeated in the 12th round. In 1938, Louis knocked out Schmeling in the first round of the fight in New York.

Since the time when Louis announced his retirement from the sport, he won several more fights. Twenty-five times in his biography Joe Louis successfully defended his title. Of these duels, 21 boxers won by knockout.

The sportsman left the sport in 1950. However, in the same year, he fought Charles Ezzard, losing his title. In 1951, Louis was knocked out by Rocky Marciano, then left the sport forever. For the entire career of Joe Louis was held 71 fight, of which the boxer lost only three.

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Biography of Joe Louis