Biography of Sergei Tsikunov

Sergei Tsikunov – bodybuilder, world champion.

Sergei was born on December 10, 1972 in Achinsk, Krasnodar Region. Sport in his biography, Sergei Tsikunov began to study at the age of ten. He was very mobile and nimble child. At first I tried myself in athletics, basketball. He was fond of skiing and boxing. He received the title of Master of Sports in boxing.

At the age of 20, in the biography of Cikunova, bodybuilding began. In the Tyumen region in 1996, Konstantin Bochkarev drew attention to Tsikunov, it was from that moment on that their cooperation began. Sergei had a dream to become a first-class bodybuilder, and Bochkarev had to raise a champion. Therefore, Tsikunov decided to completely devote himself to the sport, leaving his business. Prior to this moment, Sergei had already become a co-owner of the market in Achinsk, as well as the owner of the sports club. Professionally engaged in bodybuilding began in 1998.

For the first time he won the title of the champion of Russia in 1999. Then he won the championship twice more – in 2000 and 2002. He also won many other victories in the tournaments of Russia, for example, in 2002 he became Mr. IRONMAN. In 2000, Sergei Tsikunov became the champion of Europe. And his main title – world champion, earned in 2002.

With the growth of 187 cm, Sergey considers his optimal weight to be 121 kg. For his biography, Sergei Tsikunov managed to get two higher educations. First he specialized in economics, then began to study at the Academy of Civil Service. I also experienced myself in the role of the presenter – I led the program “Boditaym” on one of the Chelyabinsk channels. He is married and has two children.

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Biography of Sergei Tsikunov