Biography of Sammir Bunaut

Sammir Bannaut is a professional bodybuilder, winner of “Mr. Olympia” in 1983.

Sammir was born on November 7, 1955 in Beirut, Lebanon. When the biography of Sammir Bunauta moved to Detroit, Michigan, USA, he began to compete in bodybuilding competitions at the amateur level. He made his debut in the competition “Mr. Universe” in 1974, taking 7th place in the middle weight category.

When the light heavyweight in the amateur world championship Sammir took first place, acquired the status of a professional. By this time, the athlete had already moved to California to the city of Santa Monica. Then, until 1982, in the sports career of Bannauta, several not very large victories were won.

For the first time took part in the competition “Mr. Olympia” in 1980, becoming the 15th. Then in 1981 it became the 9th, in 1982 it was the 2nd. The most significant victory in the sporting career of Bannaut took place in 1983. Then he won the “Mr. Olympia” competition. And in 1985, and then in 1986, he won the World Championship according to the version of the World Bodybuilding Association WABBA.

In addition, for the entire biography of Sammir Bannaut his body managed to visit the cover of publications about bodybuilding many times. The honed body of the athlete could be seen in the journals “Strength and Health”, “MuscleMag International”, “Flex”, “Muscle and Fitness”, “IronMan” and others. In 2002, Sammir Bannaut was elected to the Hall of Fame of the International Bodybuilding Federation.

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Biography of Sammir Bunaut