Biography of Valentina Chepiga

Valentina Chepiga – Ukrainian bodybuilder, winner of “Miss Olympia” in 2000, coach.

Valentina was born on April 18, 1962 in Kharkov. I was fond of sports for a long time: I went skiing. Education in the biography of Valentina Chepigi was received at the Civil Engineering Institute.

To engage in bodybuilding began in 1988, at the age of 25 years. The future champion in Kharkov Yuri Kapustnik was training. The first big victory in the biography of Chepiga took place in 1988, when Valentina became the first in the championship of Ukraine. In 1994 she moved to Kiev. Valentina at that time was engaged in the club “Alcorn”, whose athletes for sponsorship money took part in competitions.

The first international victory took place in 1997 – Valentina became the first at the European Championships. In the same year she won the title of world champion. Thanks to this title, Valentina received a professional status. Not missing a chance, the athlete took part in the “Miss Olympia” in 1998, but became only the 12th. In 1999, Valentine moved to the United States.

Already in 2000, the biography of Valentina Chepigi became known as the winner of “Miss Olympia”. Together with the muscles of impressive volumes, Valentine retains femininity. With a height of 165 cm a sportswoman weighs 68 kg, and her competitive weight is 60 kg.

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Biography of Valentina Chepiga