Biography of Dexter Jackson

Dexter Jackson – professional bodybuilder, holder of the title “Mr. Olympia” in 2008.

Dexter was born on November 25, 1969 in Jacksonville, Florida. Dexter Jackson has been involved in sports since his childhood. At first, he was fond of running, even put the country’s record in the race for 40 m.

Not enrolled in college, eventually began to work as a cook. But continued to engage in the gym, and later decided to participate in competitions. The first prize-winning place was received by him at competitions of Southern States in 1992, there he became the third. Already in 1995, at the US Championship, he won first place in the light heavyweight category. In the competitions “Mr. Olympia” Dexter was not so lucky: in 1999 he became 9th, in 2000 – 9th, in 2001 – 8th, in 2002 – 4th, in 2003 – 3rd. But in 2006 he won the “Arnold Classic” competition.

In 2007, at the competitions “Mr. Olympia” Dexter took 3rd place. Then the critics said that he would hardly achieve a better result. But already in 2008 the biography of Dexter Jackson became known as the winner of the competition “Mr. Olympia”. 2008 was a success for the athlete: in addition to these achievements, he became the first at the Grand Prix of Australia, New Zealand and Russia.

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Biography of Dexter Jackson