Biography of Juliet Bergmann

Juliet Bergmann is a professional bodybuilder, three-time winner of “Miss Olympia”.

Juliet was born on November 30, 1958 in the Netherlands city of Vlaardingen. As a child, Juliette Bergmann’s biography had a great loss – her two younger brothers were killed. So much responsibility fell on the shoulders of Juliet, the eldest child in the family. This period in life helped the girl develop her will power, to become disciplined. After graduation, Juliet began to study management, journalism and fitness.

Despite the fact that she started training Juliet in 1981, she considers herself a bodybuilder only since 1983. Then at competitions in bodybuilding she made an impression on judges and competitors.

In 1984, Bergman’s biography won the first place in the Dutch championship, and the following year she repeated this achievement. In 1985, at the World Amateur Championships, Juliet was the first. The following year, Juliet again held the championship, now at the professional world championship. The main victory – at the competitions “Miss Olympia” in the biography of Juliette Bergmann was won for the first time in 2001. Then she repeated the result twice: in 2002 and in 2003 she was again the first.

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Biography of Juliet Bergmann