Biography of Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson – a golfer, was born in the year of San Diego, California. He is best known as the winner of the competitions of golf masters of 2005, and also of the year 2006.

Known among fans as “Lefty”, Phil Mickelson is one of the most successful players of the Professional Golf Association since 1992. In 1991, in the biography of Phil Mickelson, the Northern Telecom championship was won. Then the sportsman was still an amateur.

Professional sports he took up in 1992. Already in 1996, Mickelson attracted the attention of the public by winning four competitions, including the NEC World Championships in Golf. Then Tiger Woods took up professional golf. From this moment between the two athletes began a fierce rivalry, which was prolonged for many years.

An avid for smiles, but ready to make reckless, aggressive blows with a large swing of his left hand, Mickelson is inclined to use his manner of playing to attract the cheers of the fans.

His annual failures in the most important four golf competitions ended in April 2004, when he won the Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Until then, the athlete was called “the best player who never won the main game.” In 2005, Mickelson, along with Donald T. Phillips published the work “One magic Sunday.” In 2005, in the biography of Phil Mickelson, a second major victory was won in the life, at the championship of the Association of Professional Golf. And in 2006 he again won the “Masters”.

Additional information: Mikelson, along with his wife Amy, have three children: Amanda, Sofia, Evan. He studied at the University of Arizona. According to the Association of Professional Golf, “Mickelson does everything with his right hand, and plays golf with his left.”

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Biography of Phil Mickelson