Biography of Yana Klochkova

Klochkova Yana Alexandrovna is an outstanding Ukrainian swimmer, an honored master of sports in swimming.

She was born on August 7, 1982 in Simferopol. Yana Klochkova started swimming in 1989. Having moved to Kharkiv, she entered the physical culture and sports school, which she graduated in 2001. At the moment he lives in Kiev. She received higher education at the Kiev National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine.

Physical indicators athletes are: height 182 cm, weight 70 kg. Biography of Yana Klochkova is full of established records. Among them, 50 records of Ukraine on complex swimming, freestyle, relay swimming, swimming on the back, butterfly in the distances from 100 to 1500 meters. In addition, it set a world record of 400 m and Europe’s record in integrated swimming. The coaches of the champion are honored workers of physical culture Kozhukh Nina Fedorovna and Kozhukh Alexander Omelyanovich.

In the biography of Yana Klochkova, it

is worth noting a large number of awards. The athlete won five medals at the Olympic Games, four of them gold and one silver. At the beginning of the sport career, Klochkova was a silver medalist and two-time winner of the Junior European Championships. Also she was repeatedly awarded the titles of the European champion, silver and bronze medalist of the European Championship. Klochkova is a two-time world champion, a silver medalist of the World Championship. In addition, she was awarded Ukrainian national decorations: the Order of Princess Olga, For Merits, Hero of Ukraine and others. All the awards and merits athletes are difficult to list.

Yana Klochkova is a member of the Swimming Federation of Ukraine. As part of this organization Klochkova along with the other 22 sportsmen of the team promote a healthy lifestyle, trying to develop swimming and other water sports. It is noteworthy that the national swimming team was the first in the history of Ukraine, which performed at international competitions under the flag of Ukraine even before independence.

In everyday life, Yana is fond of books: novels and

classics, embroidery, does not like lush, loud feasts and even is a member of the party of regions since 2006. After graduating from sports career Klochkova dreams of mastering some profession and taking care of her family, not forgetting about the development of water sports in Ukraine and helping children.

Having won in the Olympic Games in Australia and Greece, Jana Klochkova wants to stay in the memory of Ukrainians successful athlete, who is trying her best to help her team in swimming. The desire for victory, perseverance, freshness and joy from every training in the pool – these are the traits inherent in an athlete.

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Biography of Yana Klochkova