Biography of Stas Pyekhi

Stanislav Pyatrasovich Pyekha is a singer, presenter.

Stas Piekha was born on August 13, 1980 in the family of stars: his grandmother Edita Pieha is a famous singer, and Ilona Bronevitskaya’s mother is a singer, actress and presenter.

Undoubtedly, this directly affected the biography of Stas Pyekha. Even in his childhood, he began to travel on tours – with his grandmother. Then he began to study at the Glinka Choral College in Leningrad. After graduating from school, Stas began to learn the business of a hairdresser, a stylist at a Moscow school. Received a diploma, worked for several years in this direction. Then he entered the pop-jazz department at the Gnessin School. In addition, Pieha is fond of sports – karate, bodybuilding.

In 2004, I took part in the Star Factory-4. There he managed not only to show the already collected luggage of skills, but also to supplement it with the help of professional vocal teachers, stage speech, choreography, etiquette, acting skills. At the end of the musical project, the biography of Piekhi became known as one of the winners. . In 2005, Stas Pyekha’s first album – “One Star” was released. The composer of some songs, as well as the producer of the album, was Viktor Drobysh. In 2005, in the biography of Piekhi, an award was received for the song “You are sad” at the MTV Russia Music Awards. Pieha’s second album was released in 2008.

In the Ukrainian “Stars Factory-2” Stas participated as a guest, performed a song on the production of Alan Badoev together with the participants of the project. In addition, for his biography Stas Pieha managed to write a collection of poems, and also tried himself in the sound of cartoons. Vitomria Bona and Stas Pieha together conduct the program “Cosmopolitan.” Video version on TNT.

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Biography of Stas Pyekhi