Biography of Tatiana Vedeneeva

Tatyana Vedeneeva is a Russian actress, TV presenter, journalist.

Tatyana was born on July 10, 1953 in Stalingrad. She was fond of theater since childhood, and at the age of 14 she enrolled in a theater group. Contrary to the wishes of the parents, she chose an acting career for herself. Then she moved to Moscow.

Education in the biography of Tatiana Vedeneeva was received at GITIS. Even while studying at the first year of the institute, she first appeared in a movie. The debut film in the biography of Vedeneeva was “A lot of noise from nothing.” The following year she appeared in the film “Sergeant of the Militia”. In 1975, Tatiana played in two films – “Hello, I’m your aunt,” “This we did not pass.”

After graduating from the institute for Tatyana Vedeneeva in the biography began a short stage of work in the theater named Mayakovsky. Because of the lack of a Moscow registration, the actress had to leave the theater. Then she made her debut as a TV presenter. Famous children’s programs – “Good night, kids,” “Visiting a fairy tale”, which led Vedeneev, got to her not immediately. At first Tatiana was allowed to appear only in the night ethers. Glory came only after hard work. The children’s programs were followed by the program “Morning”.

In 1993, in the biography of Vedeneyeva, television was left. Together with her husband she lived until 1999 in France. Then, in 2000, she again returned to the Russian channels, she conducted the program “Tatyanin Day”.

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Biography of Tatiana Vedeneeva