Biography of Evelina Bledans

Evelina Visvaldovna Bledans is an actress of theater and cinema.

Children’s years in the biography of Evelina Bledans were held in Yalta, where she was born. She grew up a very active child: she attended many clubs and performed. She received her education at the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. After graduating from the institute in 1991, Evelina, as one of the best female students, was sent to further study in America, at the Theater Center of the classical musical.

Then for Evelina Bledans in the biography there was a sharp turn of events. Dreaming of playing in the “Lenkom”, she still did not get there, and after the institute was distributed to Odessa. There Evelina, along with her fellow students, began to play in the theater “Sweet Life”. Soon she played in one of the episodes of “The Mask of the show.” George Deliev could not help noticing the excellent acting skills, tempestuous temperament and attractive appearance of the actress. So Evelina began constantly to act in “Mask-show”, especially brightly having shown itself in a role of the nurse.

But participation in the “Masks” did not make Bledans stop, and she, like a temperamental actress, decided to test herself in a different role. After leaving the show, Evelina participated in many castings, then played in the musical “Metro”.

For the first time in her biography Evelina Bledans starred in the movie in 1988. Then came the films Air Pirates, Red Square, The Bride by Mail, Goodbye, Dr. Freud, The Barbarian, Hitler Kaput, Platon. Also Evelina starred in TV series – “Auto Service”, “Three on top”, “Friendly Family”, “Damned Paradise”, “Fire of Love”.

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Biography of Evelina Bledans