Biography of Victoria Tarasova

Victoria Tarasova is an actress of theater and cinema, who became famous for her shooting in the TV series “Glukhar”, an entrepreneur..

Victoria was born in Moscow on July 16, 1971. Deciding to become an actress, Victoria entered the State Institute of Theatrical Art. This institution in the biography of Victoria Tarasova was completed in 1994.

As actress Victoria debuted immediately after graduation, in 1994. A few years later she began performing at the Shalom Theater. And later she took the place of the head of the troupe in this theater. In the theater she took part in such productions as: “Righteous and sinners”, “My Kosher Lady”, “Paul-New York to Me Now Native,” “Stuffed Fish,” “Shlimazl”, “Wandering Stars.”

Among the works in the film in the biography of Tarasova stand out: “Kulagin and partners,” “Bes in the rib, or the Magnificent Four,” “Silent

Witness,” “Spartakiada,” “Trail.” . Also, Victoria starred in the films “Matchmaker”, “Alibi” Agency.

But the most starry role of Victoria Tarasova in the biography can be considered the role of Irina Zimina in the series “Capercaillie”. The actress notes that in some moments the life of her heroine is similar to her real life. But still Victoria has a completely different character. The first series of the television series took place in November 2008. Since then, Victoria has managed not just to get used to the role of the head of the police department Irina Zimina, but ideally to realize this character. In January 2010, the shooting of the third season of “Gluharya” began.

In addition to acting in the biography of Victoria Tarasova, there are other hobbies. Victoria has been fond of painting since childhood. And having realized myself in the cinema, I also decided to try another activity: I opened my own design studio. In the future, Victoria plans to maintain a store that sells men’s and women’s clothing from her atelier.

Victoria is not married, she independently brings up her son Danilo. In his free time he is fond of sports: he is engaged in swimming.

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Biography of Victoria Tarasova