Biography of Lyubov Orlova

Lubov Petrovna Orlova is an actress, People’s Artist of the USSR.

Love was born on February 11, 1902 in Zvenigorod. The family of the future artist had noble roots.

At the beginning of her biography Lyubov Orlova was engaged in music. Because of the desires of my parents, I entered music school at the age of seven. Then she continued her education at the conservatory in Moscow. The next step was studying in the theatrical technical school. Orlova was so carried away by the study of acting skills that she took extra lessons from teachers at the time of her admission. Learning in the biography of Orlova for a long time was accompanied by work in cinemas. There Love performed musical sketches for silent films.

When I graduated from technical school, I began to work in the Moscow Art Theater, but not in acting, but in music. Orlova was one of many members of the choir, although she was noted for her talent. Over time, the talented girl was noticed, and Love became the soloist of the choir.

The first role in the theater in the biography Orlova – in the production of “Pericola.” It was during this performance that Lyubov was noticed by the director Alexandrov and received an invitation to appear in the film. Despite the fact that Orlova first played in the cinema in 1933, her first popularity came along with the film “Jolly Fellows”. Other famous films in the biography of actress Lyubov Orlova were: “Volga-Volga”, “Engineer’s mistake of Cochin”, “Meeting on Elbe”, “Spring”, “Russian souvenir”, “Starling and lyre” and many others.

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Biography of Lyubov Orlova