Summary “By the Pike’s Command”

Summary “By the Pike’s Command”

Once upon a time there was an old man. He had three sons: two clever, the third a fool Emelya. The brothers are working, and Emelya is lying on the stove all day, she does not want to know anything.

The brothers leave for the fair, and the daughter-in-law send Emelya for water. To achieve this from the lazy manages, only threatening that “you will not bring presents.”

Emelya goes to the hole and, contriving, catches the pike. Pike asks him in a “human voice.” “Emelya, let me go into the water, I’ll be of use to you.” Emelya does not want to let the pike out, suggesting that the best use of pike is to weld her ear. However, the pike manages to persuade the fool, demonstrating to him his possibilities – sending the buckets home

by self-propelled gun. Parting, the pike informs Emelya the magic phrase: “By the pike’s will, in my khotenju”, with which he can fulfill all his desires.

With the help of this spell, Emelya sparks firewood, goes to the forest on a sleigh without a horse, passes a bunch of people along the road, cuts trees in the forest and straightens out on the way back with people who wanted to punish him for “crumpled” and “depressed” pedestrians.

The Tsar, hearing about Emelya’s tricks, sends an officer to him – “to find him and bring him to the palace.” Emelya straightened out and with the officer: “The baton jumped out – and let’s pound the officer, he took the violence to his feet.”

“The king was surprised that his officer could not cope with Emelya, and sends his own to the greatest nobleman.” The sly nobleman persuaded Emelya to come to the king, promising him a treat in the palace and gifts: “The king will give you a red caftan, hat and boots.” Right on the stove Emelya goes to the royal palace.

The Tsar arranges the analysis of the accident: “Something, Emelya, you have a lot of complaints, you have suppressed a lot of people.” To which Emelya finds a convincing argument: “Why did they

climb under the sleigh.” Then he leaves the palace home, in passing, with the help of a magic phrase, falling in love with the king’s daughter.

Marya the princess requires her father to marry her to Emel. The king again sends for the Emelya the lord. Having drunk Emelya in insole, the prince brings him to the palace. By the order of the Tsar Emelya, together with Marya Tsarevna, was thrust into a barrel, molested and thrown into the sea.

Waking up, Emelya makes the winds roll out the barrel on the sand. Marya-Tsarevna asks to solve the housing problem somehow – “to build what a hut is like”. Emelya is lazy. But then he still creates a “stone palace with a golden roof” and the landscape that befits him: “around is a green garden: the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing.”

Further, at the request of the princess in love with him, he becomes “a good young man, a handsome man”.

The king, who went hunting, stumbles upon Emely’s palace. Emelya invites him inside and invites him to a feast. The king, not recognizing Emel in a new guise, tries to find out who he is. “I’m the same Emelya.” I want to – I’ll burn your whole kingdom and destroy it, “replies the master.

Frightened to death, the king gives him his daughter and kingdom.

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Summary “By the Pike’s Command”